Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Hope you’re all having a very sweet time with your loved ones! I know my day feels incomplete since this is the first year that my Grandma is not with us. This has made the last few days and specially today very hard for me. I woke up at 6am thinking I wanted to share a little bit about her with you guys; that way I’d have her with me along this important day…

One of the things I loved most about my Granny was her cooking, it was always decadent and lazy, haha yes, she used a bunch of pre-made ingredients and just mixed them in a glorious way! So for starters, Im Thankful for being able to cook like her and as fast as she did! Its a game changer when you’re hosting 😉

Our Thanksgivings were never traditional, Im thankful for that too. We had that amazing meal only once per year, so we would get to grandma’s or whomever was hosting, as early as we could, because we would run out of food every year. This meant, no formalities, not seating on the table all together, it was a race to eat what we loved, talk loudly, laugh a lot and just being grateful while we enjoyed each other. We gave Thanks of course, just in a different, more relaxed way. I thank her so so much for this! People that came over would be so surprised and shocked how holidays were spent in our place, chilling, full and happy. She had a boyfriend that would get frustrated at our ways, but we never think too much about it, we have always known how much we loved each other, and how gratitude was the main ingredient of these reunions. At my home, the same rules apply, get early, be happy and enjoy yourself, whatever that means.

She was also the trendiest woman alive, she was the first one to have an email account (hotmail, we thought it was something naughty haha), cell phone, inflatable dress, liposuctions haha, etc. Just fun and different. I miss her so much!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my feelings and how at least for Today, I choose this date to be about food, loving people and Maggie.

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