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Yesterday I received a very nice notification that something was written about me and The Projecto; it was great to realize my dearest friend Roru was the author… We’ve known each other for a while and I’ve even talked about her and her incredible work here in my blog.

Roru has always been support and a connection to the entrepreneur world, as well as my compass & young  world correspondent haha. Her Blog is a proof of how great and productive is having a Passion for one’s work, and how to capitalize being a Woman in a guys world. I definitely recommend anyone (mainly who can read Spanish) to get in that website and enjoy the craziness and love that she puts in every project! Delightful!!!

Here is the link of what she wrote about a few of the many faces of The Projecto. Hope you understand a little more what I do!

* Go ahead and practice your Spanish reading! 😉




Taking it to the next step…


A few days ago I decided to take action and subscribe to my presidential candidate’s volunteer team. I kind of forgot the meeting’s time but remembered half way into the meeting; I joined in either way…

I’ve being so indecisive about it for so long that you’d think I was actually doing something difficult. Should I, Shouldn’t I? What if my family hates that I’m getting involved?, should I give away their info? Should I try to talk to them and open a conversation? Am I strong enough to do this?…

What? To do what? My heart is broken and scared, I do not understand what is happening at all… I seek love and compassion and I see confusion and hate. I’m lost and I want to do something about it! What though?! Is it joining this team something valuable? I think so… So? Why am I hesitant? Everyone thinks the same about themselves, we’re all trying to be happy. OK. Is everyone taking action? Guess not. Should I? I guess. Ok, lets do it!

What now? Lets do it I said!, aha, what? get involved, fight, love. Aha… how? damn it, just do it! mhm. yeah…

So this is some of what I go through every day, and its exhausting. I do want to improve the world, I do know who I think could get us in a great track as a country, but how as an individual do you think you’ll get involved? I do not know to this day! I’m listening though!

I was talking to someone about these doubts, fears and stuff and this quote came into my head “Dios vomita a los tibios” which is something like “God vomits the lukewarm” I heard it quite a lot growing up in my Catholic environment, and I have had not thought about it in years and somehow it made it to my head tonight. I guess my subconscious already made up its mind and thinks I should take a side and fight for it.

What do you think?