Taking it to the next step…


A few days ago I decided to take action and subscribe to my presidential candidate’s volunteer team. I kind of forgot the meeting’s time but remembered half way into the meeting; I joined in either way…

I’ve being so indecisive about it for so long that you’d think I was actually doing something difficult. Should I, Shouldn’t I? What if my family hates that I’m getting involved?, should I give away their info? Should I try to talk to them and open a conversation? Am I strong enough to do this?…

What? To do what? My heart is broken and scared, I do not understand what is happening at all… I seek love and compassion and I see confusion and hate. I’m lost and I want to do something about it! What though?! Is it joining this team something valuable? I think so… So? Why am I hesitant? Everyone thinks the same about themselves, we’re all trying to be happy. OK. Is everyone taking action? Guess not. Should I? I guess. Ok, lets do it!

What now? Lets do it I said!, aha, what? get involved, fight, love. Aha… how? damn it, just do it! mhm. yeah…

So this is some of what I go through every day, and its exhausting. I do want to improve the world, I do know who I think could get us in a great track as a country, but how as an individual do you think you’ll get involved? I do not know to this day! I’m listening though!

I was talking to someone about these doubts, fears and stuff and this quote came into my head “Dios vomita a los tibios” which is something like “God vomits the lukewarm” I heard it quite a lot growing up in my Catholic environment, and I have had not thought about it in years and somehow it made it to my head tonight. I guess my subconscious already made up its mind and thinks I should take a side and fight for it.

What do you think?


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