La Vida Fácil de Aldonza

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Years and years ago (maybe not that many, but still…) I went on a trip to study French, I met really cool people, among them: Aldonza Velez, this crazy energetic actress that could talk for days without being boring for even a second. LOVED her instantly! 

After that intensive month of studying and being on an era where no social media existed, it was hard to keep in touch once we all went back to our homes; somehow we managed to email back and forth for years, and in 2009 we got to see each other again. She was an actress and part of the production of a film called “From Prada to Nada” that was going to be filmed in my hometown, she called me and we got to work together, it was crazy intense but great! I was so proud of seeing her not only as a grown person (around 10 years after we first met), but the fascinating woman she became! Same crazy energy, instincts and happiness, just way more focused and productive I guess haha.

We’ve stayed in touch and I’ve being following this amazing project she has, (the reason why I’m writing this post) “La Vida Facil de Aldonza” a video Blog where she talks about random things, recipes, experiences, family, etc. It is funny, blunt and so intimate! I love how she’s not acting, it’s just her, plain and clear. Among the themes that she digs deeper is beyond personal: infertility. What she has experienced in it, how it feels for her, what she has learned. I really admire how she’s able to share such personal details and offer support to whomever is willing to listen. Brave, authentic and honest, like always…    * All of this, talking 100 km/hr in Spanish so, be advised! 

If you understand Spanish, or wish to laugh and practice it, please give it a try; the “episode” themes vary a lot from one to another but all of them are funny and personal, kind of like having a pen pal but in video (See? Yes, that old! haha).

  • Here is her FB page too 😉

Mu – Si – Ca!

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Last week I had one of those special moments with music that makes you vulnerable and just plain happy ❤

His name is Gabriel Santiago. He’s from Brazil and does Jazz mixed with Samba and Latin rhythms; The mix it is fun, upbeat and has tons of soul. When I first heard him my ears and eyes were about to pop out by trying to get it all in. I’ve been trying to watch him perform live again and his DVD/CD “Alive” Release was the perfect opportunity.

So, I went and boy was that a treat! When I first heard him it was a 4 piece band and now there were 16 musicians forming an Orchestra! It was one of those events where you feel like a kid and super excited, I have to admit I even released a couple of tears of joy. The music was fantastic, the musicians out of charts, the ambiance at the Elephant Room, great! People danced, clapped, and we were all very moved by what these guys represented: people being passionate and excelling at their instruments, oh and Gabriel, what an amazing job composing those tunes, you Rock!

You can add him on Facebook and he’ll let you know when he performs next 😉

So, what was the last time music or art made you vulnerable and happy?!  I’d love to know!