Todo esta bien… “Everything is OK”

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My good friend Mauro Muñoz recently released his new single“Todo Está Bien” (Everything is OK) I heard it, loved it and of course I had to write about it. Personally, this song is certainly relevant and uplifting right now. In his words, “Todo esta bien” is a song about how you cannot control your surroundings, only the way they affect you plus, deciding that if you think something is going wrong or bad, you have the power to transform it into something good or “OK”. Right on the spot, don’t you think?! This collaboration is one of many that he has done with Alan Saucedo (this one adding Cecy Leos as well). The single is the first one of an album to come and you can find it at Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, etc.

Let me give you a back story about this amazing composer; Mauro is from my hometown Monterrey, he has been living in Mexico City for over 4 years now, and this change has been great on his work (and his fans since he’s working more than ever!). He has been on the industry as a composer for many years, if you’re into Latin music, odds are you’ve listened to his work before in every genre possible, some examples of who’s used his songs are: Emilio Navaira, Bobby Pulido, Tatiana, Lemongrass, Sasha Benny y Erik, Tren A Marte, La Firma, Samo, among others.

I heard on an interview that he was almost forced into performing some of his compositions because there were songs so personal that he wouldn’t be comfortable delivering or hearing them from someone else; I have to say if you put attention, you can understand this because of how intimate and deep they are. He can be poetic both with his lyrics and music layering, which makes it sooo good for us the listeners.

Whenever he’s working on his own project he’ll work on everything from start to end; writing, playing  every instrument, etc. Genres are not important for Mauro Muñoz, he’s in it to win it no matter the shape or form a song gets in the process. Growing up he had all kinds of musical influences from his parents, from Led Zeppelin to Joaquin Sabina, & everything in between.

Hope you have some time to listen to his project, here are his social media links for you to start enjoying and preparing for his next tour in Texas, we’re already working on it! 😉 TwitterInstagram, Facebook & Soundcloud

Have a lovely rest of your week!!!

Bye Pote, we’ll miss you so so much!



Today passed away a big, important man: Jose Luis Parga Puente. He was my grandfather and a man that many admire. With only a few years of elementary school, he was able to build a successful career as a reporter, journalist, author, pilot, family man, among many other titles. If you’re from Monterrey, my hometown, you probably read his column, he worked for the most important news paper in the region, “El Norte” he wrote mostly about 2 of his passions, Golf and Box. These passions and his tenacity even gave him an award for best international sports broadcaster at the World Trade Center. A guy from very humble beginnings, a guy that taught us all how to enjoy music, dance and drink the proper way…

A wise man that told me that the guy that I was obsessed with (many years ago) was obviously gay (closeted at the time), to get over it hahaha. A very strict and kind man that talked to me like an adult, corrected me and would let me know how I could be better; that supported me and my family when things were tough. He was also for sure a picky guy from whom I learned how to treat VIPs and high maintenance people, a very loving, protective man that didn’t want us to see him suffer.

I was able to enjoy many of the finest things on earth thanks to him: trips, food, art, knowledge, culture, religion; he was so so interesting, I wish you could have met him! His humor wasn’t always well received and many thought he was too strict, but his heart melted with any of his grandchildren, he loved us and made me feel special all the time.

I will definitely miss his words and quirkiness; I’ll have to get used to going to lunch in Monterrey without him telling us whats the coolest spot in town. I already miss so much of him! I am grateful that I enjoyed him as much as I did, he is such a big part of who I am.

Anyway, I wanted to write a tribute to my “Pote”the writer that taught himself how to do almost everything, and that never hesitated to share that knowledge with whomever was around…

Hoy murió un hombre muy importante: José Luis Parga Puente. Él era mi abuelo y alguien admirado y querido por muchos.

Con solo unos cuantos años de educación, fue capaz de construir una carrera exitosa como cronista, autor, piloto, hombre de familia, etc. Si eres de Monterrey, de donde soy yo, probablemente alguna vez leíste su columna en el “El Norte” el periódico más importante de la región donde casi siempre escribía sobre sus 2 pasiones Golf y Box;  de hecho, gracias a esta pasión, y su increíble dedicación, fue que ganó un premio por ser el mejor cronista internacional de deportes en el World Trade Center. Un hombre de orígenes muy humildes, alguien que nos enseñó a disfrutar la música, bailar y tomar como debe de ser…

Un Señor muy sabio que me supo decir que aquel muchacho con el que yo estaba obsesionada (hace muchos años) era obviamente gay (yo no tenía idea en ese entonces), que lo superara ¡YA! Jajaja. Un hombre muy estricto y lindo, que me trataba como adulto, me corregía y hacia saber que tanto mejor podía ser;  que nos ayudó a mí y a mi familia en tiempos difíciles.

También era una persona bastante especial y quisquillosa de quien aprendí el muy particular arte de tratar a VIPs. Un hombre muy amoroso y protector que nunca soportó que lo viéramos sufrir.

Gracias a él supe de las mejores cosas de la vida: viajes, comida, arte, sabiduría, cultura, religión; él era tan interesante, ¡Ojalá lo hubieras conocido! Su humor no siempre era bien recibido y muchos pensaban que podía ser algo sangrón, pero su corazón se derretía con cualquiera de sus nietos, nos amaba mucho y definitivamente siempre me hacía sentir especial.

Me van a faltar sus palabras y curiosidades; tendré que acostumbrarme a ir a comer a Monterrey sin sus recomendaciones sobre los lugares más nuevos y de onda. ¡Ya lo extraño tanto!

Agradezco mucho todo lo que lo disfruté, es una parte tan grande y esencial de quien soy.

Bueno pues, solo quería escribirle un pequeño tributo a mi “Pote” el escritor que aprendió por sí mismo como hacer casi todo, y que nunca dudó de compartir esa sabiduría con quien quisiera recibirla…