Entre Líneas

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Austin Central Library Gallery | 710 W. César Chávez St.

Exhibition: August 29 – September 28, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 29, 7 – 9pm

Programming: Sunday, September 15, 3 – 4pm  | Austin Symphony Orchestra presents works by three 21st Century Female composers in dialog with Entre Líneas.

Entre Líneas celebrates Latin American and National Hispanic Heritage Month, focusing on the women artists of these communities. The exhibition curated by Coka Treviño features the work of Mexican artist María Fernanda Barrero, Venezuelan and Houston-based artist Luisa Duarte, and San Antonio-based artist Jenelle Esparza.

Historically, much of the Hispana and Latina existences and contributions have fallen in between the lines, invisible in the crevices’ shadows. Remaining as one of the most underappreciated and underpaid laborers, Hispanas and Latinas face a wall to overcome to access opportunities that seem to be more readily available to others; especially in the positions of powers and privileges, including the field of arts. In spite of the undercurrent of discriminations, these women are the backbone of numerous communities, continuously nurturing, weaving, supporting and moving forward with unwavering strength and warmth of humility. In this exhibition, Treviño explores themes of displacement, labor, belonging, boundaries, fragility, and strength, to honor Latinas’ contributions to communities, and to empower them to claim their spaces. The exhibit asks to remember their influences that shape our society, recognizing our unspoken heroes.

Exhibition documentation by Ted Martinez

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