Ernesto Walker

Based in Monterrey (MX). His artwork is characterized by the exploration of chance and abstraction as a way to encode and visually translate the reality around us, looking for links between what is accidental and what becomes meaningful. Up to now, he has had 14 solo exhibitions and 54 group exhibits, around the globe and including London, Brussels, Luxembourg, Athens, Switzerland, Argentina, United States, Italy and Spain. Among other distinctions, he is 1st place winner of the Saatchi Gallery Drawing Showdown 2011, obtained the FONCA Young Creators Fellowship from the National Arts Fund (2016), is recipient of the PACMyC fellowship given by the Arts and Culture National Council of Mexico (CONACULTA) as well as the FINANCIARTE production fellowship given by the State Arts Council (CONARTE). Since January 2011, he is professor of the School of Art, Architecture and Design of the Tec de Monterrey College.

In Austin, he was the resident artist (April 2017) for Unlisted Projects, arts residency at the Museum of Human Achievement.

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“No hay novedad” by Ernesto Walker from Ernesto Walker on Vimeo.

“No hay novedad”

Video, sound installation, machinery objects, ink drawing and generative art

Project winner of the 2011 Financiarte production Fellowship


No hay novedad is a multidisciplinary project about the daily routine of the city of Monterrey, working with elements that let us realize a strong dynamic of continuity between past and present in the City’s history and the permanency of styles and traditions. The approach of the project creates a dialogue between art, ´music and social sciences, using drawing, machine objects and sound as a combination of media for rescuing and rethinking local sounds, methodologies, and numbers.

The process begins video recording diverse walking spots for a 1 minute lapse. These registries are then codified in databases that capture five variables: age, gender, walking direction, type of shoes and the use of cellular phones. The information obtained, through a set of instructions, is used as the path for tracing drawings as well as for composing sequences of sounds, letting us construct new meanings and provide us with sensorial translations to get in contact with the information with a sense of timelessness.

As a parallel process, the project also include the design and development of two mechanic music players made with automatized accordions and an electric system of pulleys and rollers. Their fabrication leads to a process of experimentation with both with the object and the sound of the accordion as a key instrument within the northern Mexico regional music, while making possible the hearing of the combinations of sounds composed upon the databases and materialized in long plastic punch holed films. The engineering involved in the realization of these sculpture machines also permitted to establish a methodological dialogue, working with workshops, suppliers, processes, and persons that are part of the deeply rooted industrial vocation of the city.


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