George West

George West is the moniker of Vik Montemayor, a seasoned drummer turned producer who explores an eclectic mix of sounds, interspersing chilled melodies with hints of abstract yet solid drum patterns. Largely inspired by road trips and beach getaways, the project is named after a small town in South Texas, which West passed during 8 hour road trips between Houston and Dr. Gonzalez, Mexico as a child.

Montemayor has already built up a following around his live set, and has played a number of festivals including Free Press Summer Festival.

From samples of matachines dancing in downtown Mexico; water dripping into a puddle; and sounds in the woods,  the life of West’s music comes from field samples recorded on his iPhone, which are then chopped, and worked into a song.

Citing the diversity of growing up in a small town outside of Monterrey, Mexico and Houston, Texas as being a big influence in his music, Montemayor creates music evocative of calmness, road trips, beach getaways with a loved one,  wide open spaces, country side, sunsets, or just a trip on your own to find yourself.

Check videos here & a review of his album “Silverio” by yours truly 😉


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