Juan Alfredo Rios

Juan Alfredo Rios Who made the move to the ATX from Monterrey, Mexico, is an experienced Drummer and Musical Director who has played either live or in studio for artists like: Mobley, Love Hate Affair, Aquajones, Alejandro Marcovich, Claudio Perez (Radio Kaos), Cesar Lopez “Vampiro” (Mana, Jaguares), Diego Schoening, Bagre, Grupo Balazo, Sexy Marvin, Jorge Guevara, among many others.

As “Chido Machine” (Formerly ByMyself) his speciality is throwing down tunes that you — yes, you — can’t help but shake your booty to. He has a knack for appealing to everyone, even the pickiest of music-mavens, and when he is in the house, there’s a good chance you’ll hear a mix of new wave, your favorite Latin hits spanning the last few decades, cumbia, reggaeton & hip hop.

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