Bear with me :D


Just wanted to say hi, since I feel it’s been forever since I posted something…

I’ve been busy finishing projects and starting new ones, everything should go back to normal next week, yayyy!

In the meantime I want to let you guys know that I’m working a lot; I’m both excited and exhausted for what is coming and soon you’ll know all about it! Count with a lot of Art, Music, great food and all things happy 😀



Roru <3

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This past week I had the pleasure of working/spending time with one of my favorite people, Rocio Diaz, aka “Roru”. If you don’t know her, she’s an awesome young professional who is THE face and voice of entrepreneurs in Latin America.
We met years ago while starting what I call a band incubator named Get your Gig. Long story short, I invited Roru to be part of it, and boy, was I lucky she said yes!
She brought a fresh take into our business, plus great bands, media (she had her own radio show in Monterrey), among many other qualities to the team.
After we decided to move to Austin and I put ‘GYG’ on hold for a bit, Roru and I stayed in touch, often getting involved in each other’s projects. This time, I will be helping her out with her very successful business, doing what I love, PR, Booking & Management  :D.
I’m writing about this because I’m just ecstatic I am to be part of a project that changes lives! (I know, art and music do too, but in this case the results aren’t as abstract…). Her work runs the gamut of all related to entrepreneurs, startups, business accelerators, etc, and she keeps a blog, in which she talks about these topics in a different, refreshing and down-to-earth way.  One example is that she’s been hired by big companies to go and teach their workers what an “Entrepreneurial Mindset” means, and how to apply it to their everyday life, or their regular jobs on a production line. This is a way of thinking that is revolutionizing the world as we speak, people understanding how to transform their everyday projects into an adventure filled with challenges and positive energy. Among her clients, you can add Mercedes Benz, Twitter, Google, Forbes Magazine, etc etc!
I’m fortunate to have received a consultation from her, and that she has helped me begin to plan according to this mindset. I had reached a point in my business in which I was ready for this helpful analysis and strategic planning.
Anyway, I just wanted to share with you a bit about Roru and her transformational work. :*
If you’re interested in her contact go to her website or write to me or we’d be happy to share some of this project with you!