Gabriel Santiago * Traveler

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Gabriel Santiago is ready to launch his 10th album “Traveler“! He just needs a bit of help to bring it to life and tour with it 🙂

Please go on to this link and find out how to pre-order, pledge, and get some amazing perks while supporting our extraordinaire local Jazzanovic Gabriel Santiago ❤

Mu – Si – Ca!

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Last week I had one of those special moments with music that makes you vulnerable and just plain happy ❤

His name is Gabriel Santiago. He’s from Brazil and does Jazz mixed with Samba and Latin rhythms; The mix it is fun, upbeat and has tons of soul. When I first heard him my ears and eyes were about to pop out by trying to get it all in. I’ve been trying to watch him perform live again and his DVD/CD “Alive” Release was the perfect opportunity.

So, I went and boy was that a treat! When I first heard him it was a 4 piece band and now there were 16 musicians forming an Orchestra! It was one of those events where you feel like a kid and super excited, I have to admit I even released a couple of tears of joy. The music was fantastic, the musicians out of charts, the ambiance at the Elephant Room, great! People danced, clapped, and we were all very moved by what these guys represented: people being passionate and excelling at their instruments, oh and Gabriel, what an amazing job composing those tunes, you Rock!

You can add him on Facebook and he’ll let you know when he performs next 😉

So, what was the last time music or art made you vulnerable and happy?!  I’d love to know!