Forklift Danceworks

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Yesterday I had a dream-like experience at the Bartholomew Pool called “My Park, My Pool, My City“, here in Austin, Tx. I’ve heard about the outstanding/unusual pieces by Forklift Danceworks but unfortunately, I’ve never seen it in action until yesterday. MIND BLOWN!

They choreograph, integrate, and create an experience that gave me chills, and made me shear a tear or two; the way they expose the everyday art, the common hero, it’s so simple and gorgeous!

Music by our local genius, Graham Reynolds, choreography by Allison Orr & Krissie Marty, performances by the staff at Austin’s Parks & Recreation (PARD)/ Aquatics Program and the community.

Let this fun piece connect you to your community, inner child and humanity in general, your soul would truly appreciate it!

There are a few tickets left here, make sure you get them!

:* ❤



EAST 2016, Carlos Olvera

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Carlos Olvera or “Vegan Cannibal” as the internet world knows him,  is an important, multidisciplinary and fun artist! I’ve known him for over a decade and each time I see him, I learn a lot and have a blast all together.

I met him while I was working at an Art Gallery, and he would often do custom paintings for our clients; it always amazed me how he could dominate every single style, no matter what the demands were, he would pull it off.

Now he only does his thing with a very specific style: Fun-Zombie-Goreish-Punkedelic I would call it 😛 & he continues to amaze me with every piece.

He has gone from drawings to paintings, to objects, music, fanzines and tattoos (among others I’m sure); It doesn’t matter if you give him a skateboard, a toilet, paper or canvas, he’ll do something great and creative. He and his art have traveled the world and now we’ll have them here in Austin!

Come join us for some good times, some drinks and a lot of Vegan Cannibal this November the 19th at Studio #111 ❤

EAST 2016, Beverly Kemp

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Beverly Kemp is a unique Painter and Internet Sensation, people recognize her controversial & raw Art anywhere; Last year Bev and Gerardo Arellano were “Must See” EAST studio #6 by Do512‘s featuring an Ann Richards painting that brought a smile to everyone.

This year She’ll work again with #TheProjecto bringing new and not so new pieces to us!

Let me share you an excerpt of her bio that I love, and describes some of what you’ll see:

Reviewers and critics have described my work as ‘eye-popping’ and ‘Disney-fied.’ Yet, I find that my oils on canvas are more than screaming upside-down, inside-out point-of-view statements or cross-eyed observations of societal norms and women’s issues that shouldn’t be. As I age and wage an on-going battle with Parkinson’s disease, filling in another red dress comes easier and easier. Now, I know my paint is saying something. ❤

Hope You’re already convinced and drop by Studio #111!!!



The Projecto @ EAST 2016

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East Austin Studio Tour is almost here and The Projecto will bring great artists and a really fun Happening only on November 19th from 11AM-6PM save the date!!!

  • Some of the Artists involved are: Clint Roth, Patricia Carrington, Carlos Olvera, Mauricio Frijoles., Adrian Oviedo, Greometria, Beverly Kemp & Saakred!. Also Feat. #ChidoMachine of course 😉

During this couple weeks I’ll be posting links and telling you more about the crazy good talent we’ll be hosting, so stay tuned and make notes!

Aside from quality Art we’ll have music, some drinks sponsored by #TullamoreDew & #TopoChico and much much more, tell your family and friends,  we’d love to see you there!

RECAP: Mark your calendars SATURDAY November 19th. For The Projecto Happening #111 on the Catalog!


TD logo with green blend and texture

What to do in Austin (& San Antonio) this weekend!

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A bunch of things have happened/  lately, so here is a recap:

Think well before buying ACL Vip tickets! Its awesome when you’re in the VIP lounge but you don’t get any benefits where the music is at :/

#WheresWarhol is up and running! The Blanton Museum is sending “Warhols”through the streets of Austin to promote and give passes for the new exhibit “Warhol by the Book”be on the lookout every Wednesday of October and don’t forget to use #WheresWarhol!!! * The exhibition opens this Sunday Oct 16th.

Go to all Austin Chronicle events, specially if it includes “Master Pancake” Comedy troupe, they’re hilarious!!! I went to their “Willow” screening and I cried a lot (laughing of course). It was interactive, funny, and we got to curse a lot, so great stress relief! 😉

POP AUSTIN International Art Show is in town, make sure to drop by, it has some great pieces with old and new favorites like: Richard Colman and Tom Wesselmann.

We’ll be in San Antonio this Saturday with Chido Machine, drop by The Mix and enjoy great music and guilty pleasures yayyy! 😀

Back in Austin, Celebrate the “Intl Video Store Day” at Vulcan Video & I Luv Video! They’re joining forces and will give us great deals on VHS, DVD/Blu Rays plus free beer, prizes, discounts, etc! This Saturday, Oct 17th from 12PM-12AM

Saturday is also game day so, I’m sure you’ll find lots of things to do, be careful and have lots of fun! Hope to see you around town!


George West’s Silverio

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My good friend George West, just released the album “Silverio”, and since I enjoyed it like a crazy person, I wanted to ask questions, and finish this picture that the music created in my head (See? Crazy! I’m telling you!).

The album feels to me like a life soundtrack, filled with peace, everyday moods, and sparks of pure genius. The music tags along with you and guides you to a happy mellow place. Its just what I needed in my complex and structure-less day. Kudos for this awesome project Mister!

Anyway, so, because I was so curious and hungry for more of the George West experience, I contacted him and made him a quick interview that I’m sharing with you guys. You’re welcome 😉

Why Silverio?
The name Silverio came from a young boy that my wife and I are helping that lives in a small village in Mexico. We keep in touch with him and we try and help him as much as we can to get him what he needs for school as well as helping the village in general. So I wanted to dedicate this to him and his family.
No, but I do know of Hulk Hogan, does that count?
* It was a long shot, but it would have been funny that the name of the album was related to him! haha
What do you use to program/create your music?
I use Ableton 9 at the moment to create all my music, along with the Ableton Push, iPhone field recordings, and sampling random sounds around the house or even when walking around Marshalls, haha.
Do you use samplers or is it all original?
I have been wanting to start digging into sampling old records, but I am still a bit scared to do that for legal issues. I know a lot of producers do that, but I really aim to try and keep my music as original as possible.
What was your goal, or MUST thing you wanted to make us feel while creating Silverio?
When creating this album I really wanted to capture love, break ups, lonely feelings, late night time city rides with friends or just a long road trip.
Speaking of long road trips I just completed a road trip from Houston to Los Angeles to go and record new material for my upcoming single that I will release in March of 2016.
I guess that is where the road trip vibes come from when I record my music. I just wanted people to be able to travel with my music weather they smoked a joint or not, I want their mind to bring up past loves, new loves, and just a feel good vibe. Music hits everyone in different ways, and overall that is all I want to capture, I just want people to relate to it in whatever way makes them have a sense of feelings.
So, there you have it; Take the time and let George West join you in whatever quest you can, I guarantee you’ll be happy you gave him a chance.
For tour/album info: