10 Winter MUSTS in Austin


Just in case, and because eventually we’ll get a few days of cold weather in Austin, let me share with you my personal favorite spots to cure and enjoy the winter hunger, YUMM!!!!


  1. Corn Cup at F&F Fruit cups, THE BEST THING EVERRRR!

Im sure you have tried the US version of “Elote en Vaso” which is yellow corn on a cup with butter, cheese, lime and maybe one or two more ingredients, well, forget about it! The original version, is made with white corn, that is more “meaty” and not sweet; if you order your Elote with everything, you’re going to get the corn with Mexican cream, chili powder, cotija cheese and lots of love.  * I always ask them to put lime on it 😉 ! You can accompany your elote with  Topochico with lime and chili (try it Summer or Winter, it rocks!), or order Nachos and mix them with the elote if you’re feeling adventurous!

2. Goat Soup at Taco More

Its just that, a gorgeous Goat soup. If you want to imagine what it is, think about Pozole but with bolder flavors. Delicious and the exact description of comfort food ❤

3. Mulled Wine at Clive Bar

When you first get to the Clive Bar in Winter, the Mulled Wine aroma gets you right away. INCREDIBLE! It feels like home, booze and happiness. They serve it hot and in the cutest cups; its strong and filled with holiday flavors, you sense the apple cider, bourbon, old spice and I don’t know what else. Ever since I tried it (and drank like a gallon in one seating) I’ve been waiting for this awesome drink to come back! Cheers!!!


4. Anything (wink wink Pizza) at Backspace

I’m in love with this tiny jewel in the middle of Downtown. I first got there when I read about the “Pizza Bianca” (pizza with fresh arugula, mozzarella and ricotta cheese) which I still order every time I go there (you can actually see a bit of it on the pic hihi), aside from my now favorite Pepperoni Americano Pizza (picante salame, tomato, mozzarella, basil/ showing all of its splendor right there in the pic). I’ve tried almost all of the menu, and I can guarantee you’d love it. It fits on my Winter selection thanks to the awesome food plus their exposed brick oven that fills this intimate place with that cozyness that the weather requires. * check their Happy hour!

5. I Luv Video

There is no food here but you can always order a pizza or pick up whatever craving you have and drop by this amazing spot filled with every movie or series you can think of. I’d go to the store first because choosing what you want to see might take longer than expected. Love this spot, and the personnel is always knowledgable and nice 🙂


6. Pambazo & Mezcal at Licha’s Cantina

Nothing will warm your heart like Mezcal, actually, your whole body if you commit to it ;P  If you’re hungry I suggest you try the Pambazo, *Warning! its very spicy! but scrumptious! They have a wide Mexican Food and Drinks menu, so you have plenty of options, but this are my two favorites there. The restaurant its cozy does home made tortillas, and the staff is super friendly!

7. Mac & Cheese from Ms P’s Electric Cock

Its a food truck so if it is cold, you might consider just pick up. This M&C is the BOMB! It has truffle oil and although it might be on the stronger flavor side, its absolutely toothsome! it also has crunchiness to it, so there you go! And if you are already there, have some chicken & waffles, some of the fluffiest you’ll find! * The slider is smn else too!


8. Tyson’s Tacos, yes all of them

Tyson’s has this amazing quality to them, they make their food with truly Mexican flavors, but yet, they have their own twists, where “Takis” are a perfectly good ingredient that blends great with the traditionals. They’re usually packed so get there early, order whatever you feel like plus a delicious barbacoa taco on Corn tortilla! some coffee, and enjoy their bonfire right in the middle of the tables. Happy place 🙂 Oh and if you happen to play the banjo, and actually play a tune there, they give you a free taco!

9. #7 at Coco’s Cafe

Ginormous bowl of heaven ❤ Meaty, comfy, super filled with flavor, noodly, you can also buy great bubble teas, and other #s, 7 is just my favorite. Affordable prices, they recently started taking cards, so thats great! and next to another couple of awesome restaurants.

10. Lick Ice Creams

Because when your heart desires Ice Cream, who are you to judge?! Lick is the best! They just opened a 2nd location up north so the whole town its pretty much covered. Their flavors are sometimes crazy on paper, but try them! they know what they’re doing and its just so bold, surprising and plain delightful. My favorite is spicy chocolate and peppermint bark, but you have to try the beet one and how about some goat cheese thyme and honey?! YUMMERS!

Hope this makes our mild winter nicer for you haha

Happy everything peoplesssss!

(No song references, I feel so professional ;P )