Art, Music & Giving, this weekend in Texas

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After a very happy EAST, a quick trip to Monterrey, Cancun and an extremely fun Wedding, we are ready to tell you¬†what’s next (near future speaking) ūüėÄ

Friday DECEMBER (Can you freakin’ believe it?!) the 2nd, San Antonio Tx: Our very own Chido Machine will be pairing amazing music with the Coolest Art at Presa House Gallery¬†¬†for the “Borderwavve” Opening Reception, where some of our local favs: Gerardo Arellano & Aldo Fabian Ramos will be showing their thaaang ūüėČ next to the¬†really cool, well known artists,¬†Cande Aguilar & Jorge Puron. Should be a treat for your ears, eyes and ‚̧

Saturday December the 3rd, Austin Tx: #TheProjecto will be present at “Austin’s very Own” a new event series that’s part art show, part hip hop showcase, full fire. ¬† ¬† YEAH! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†In there we’ll be displaying¬†Art and our brand new T-shirts,¬†so if you had your eye on something made by our artists¬†on EAST but didn’t have the chance, now is the time baby ūüėõ ¬†The event will¬†feature Music, Art, Vendors, a very nice unapologetic attitude, plus part of your cover fee goes¬†to 1 of 4¬†charitable organizations ‚̧

Tuesday December the 6th, Austin Tx: “Jumpstart your Success” an event that benefits “Dress for Success” an organization that supports women to get better jobs through clothing, training, &¬†other important things ūüėÄ … I belong to this amazing group called “Power Heels” where we look to grow and make stuff happen for women professionally. This will be our first event so we’re super excited ūüėĬ†Can’t wait to see you there!! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Please bring clothes to donate, it must be clothing that you would use for a job interview! Oh almost forgot! #ChidoMachine will be performing and giving the attendees the chill pumped up music we deserve so yayyy!!! Plus the always present Tito’s Vodka, JuiceLand, TopoChico,¬†Lick Ice Cream, Jets Pizza and more awesome local spots will be sponsoring YUMMERS!!!! *Don’t forget to RSVP!!!!!!

Hope to see you at one of these amazing events yayy!



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I’m really happy to introduce you to “Stylo“, our new Band! The concept is a¬†customizable band for events¬†that will adapt to your music needs. The idea actually started with¬†“GetYourGig”, our booking & management¬†agency, back in Mexico in 2009.

Since we work with¬†amazing people and musicians, we can pretty much guarantee we have a project or an artist that suits you and your event;¬†having¬†that in mind, with¬†Stylo you’ll be able to make requests and guide us onto your ideal group and we’ll deliver!

We have amazing voices/faces/talent for you, from ChidoMachine DJing, to the best composers, award winning singers, multi-instrumentalists, etc. Let us know how we can help you; we’d love to be part of your celebration!